a little bit about me


1. i graduated summa cum laude from culinary school.

2. i love the smell of skunks, rain on hot asphalt and gardenias. I also love the smell of cinnamon rolls and my kids usually smell great too.

3. my life changed dramatically when i took caffeine and gluten out of my diet. best thing i ever did!

4. rainy days are my favorite.

5.  i am an air force brat, and have lived in arizona, guam, nebraska, alabama, michigan, rhode island, massachusetts, california, ohio,  and all over texas.

6. i have the 2 most amazing kids a girl could ask for. they are some of the best conversationalists around!

7. if i had a ton of money (and time) I would start a camp for handicapped kids and their siblings. 

8. i could very well eat my weight in brie, wine and chocolate.

9. i am incredibly superstitious and FREAK out when there are shoes on a table. (it is bad luck). even my kids don't do it.

10. i wish i was a better gardener.

11. my dream vacations are to go on a safari in africa, learn how to make wine in italy, and master artisan bread in ireland. 



12. i have the most incredible set of parents ever.

13.  i love to read books. all kinds. i could read a book in a day if given the chance.

14.  i do believe that the best things in life are free. except for purses and wine. and possiby shoes. 

15. i love public speaking.

16. i was the president of my sorority in college.

17. when i was a sophomore in college, i found a 4 leaf clover. i had it laminated right then at kinkos. since that day, i have been the luckiest person i know. 

18.  i love all kinds of music, but country music is my favorite. i have been listening to it my whole life. dolly parton & kenny rogers was the first concert I ever went to.

19. i just got a puppy last year. i now understand how people get obsessed with their dogs. oscar is my third child :)

20. i believe that starbucks should be a food group. (tall soy chai latte, please).

21. i love van gogh and medieval art history.

22.  my very favorite color is red.

23. i love to paint.

24. volleyball is my favorite sport.

25. i am going to learn to play the cello someday.


Love is like a friendship caught on fire.
— Jeremy Taylor