carolyn & chuck

this was a fun wedding for me- it was actually my aunt's wedding, and it was so much fun! we never drink while working at a wedding, so it was great to be able to have fun and relax! the wedding ceremony took place at the little chapel of the roses, and the reception took place at the prado. (ironically, this is where josh and i got married, too!) josh was the photographer, my cousin did all of the flowers, i coordinated the wedding and i even went back to my roots and made the wedding cake. all in all, it was a family group effort, and it all paid off! the wedding was beautiful, and everyone had a great time. also included in this blog post is a picture of son ryan dancing with my cousin's boyfriend. kids are crazy :) since i am stealing these from my husband's blog, there is also a very embarrassing picture of me dancing with my daughter. ummmm, i guess this is why i don't drink at weddings!! :)