jody & scott october 22

i just did the wedding of jody & scott at the hilton mission bay. it was another beautiful day on san diego- the weather was perfect. jody was such a pleasure to work with while planning the wedding. she was always so laid back, and i knew that they would have so much fun on the wedding day because of this. jody & scott exchanged their vows with a jewish ceremony, and plenty of fun at the reception. joyce from j design was on hand to provide fun centerpieces- she filled tall glass containers with apples and nuts then placed flowers on top. the result was a creative and unique way to incorporate the popular choice of brown and green. it was very different and fun. jody's brother gave one of the funniest toasts i've ever heard (and i have heard a lot of toasts!!) we really had a great time working the wedding- it was a great night!! thanks to tara luz stevens for the lovely pictures, and we were fortunate again to work with eric nelte from blue pearl video. (he also was on hand at sonia's wedding) keeping everyone dancing all night long was miles from mobile dance party. thanks to everyone for another great wedding!!