the special event

ahhhhh. this is the sound of me relaxing (on a friday, no less!) after a very long few months. i was so excited when i was chosen to be a part of the wedding luncheon for the annual special event conference. for those of you who do not know what that is, simply put- it is like disneyland for coordinators and event designers. about 9,000 industry professionals flew in from around the world to participate in a 4 day conference filled with parties, lunches, dinners, educational seminars and the like. i was asked to help with the huge luncheon that would serve about 600 guests. my job specifically, you ask??? well, it seems that i was to be a part of the gift bag committee. i actually found myself beginning to enjoy the process of asking people to donate things to the bag. and yes, after 10 hours of stuffing the bags with the crew, i was really ready for the lunch to be here so that i could let it all go. and now, after 4 days of parties and lunches, and dinners, and more parties (easily one of the best parts of my job!!) i am resting. (and thankful that i do not have a wedding this weekend). the highlight of my week, you ask? hands down it was when i found myself sitting next to ines di santo talking about our daughters. she is such an amazing dress designer- if you have not seen her work, check her out now :) she is so great- and she is drawing me some sketches for my studio! yeah! thanks to michele from mbride for connecting us :)