nancy & sean november 11

i know i say this a lot in my blogs- but i really really loved working with nancy & sean. they are such a great couple, and nancy was so much fun to work with during the year. nancy & sean held their ceremony at seagrove park, and then we headed off to l'auberge for the reception. music was very important to this couple, and it showed everywhere. We had a string quartet playing at the ceremony, as well as a bagpiper who led the groomsmen down the aisle (a nod to sean's irish roots) and sean's brother ( a member if the l.a. opera) who performed a duo. for cocktails, we had flamenco guitarists, and inside, we had blake miller dj, and the liquid blue band rocking!! (by the way, if you are looking for a band, you must check them out!!) there were so many great parts of the night, but one of my favorites actually occurred at the ceremony. when i arrived at seagrove park, the wind was howling, and it was freezing (any out of towners- that translates to around 50* :). we get nancy down the aisle, and as soon as the duet began, i am not kidding when i tell you that the clouds literally parted, and the brightest sun broke it's way through. pair that with an amazing sunset, and you have some pretty great luck. to top it all off, minutes later, we were greeted with a full rainbow!! what were the chances??it was one of my most favorite wedding memories ever. later on, sean surprised nancy by singing the most amazing song to nancy, and there were not too many dry eyes in the house. the are an amazing couple, and it was an amazing wedding. la vonne once again "wowed"us with her creative floral talents, and tony was on hand to capture the day. thanks to everyone involved- it was magical. and thanks again to mother nature, who waited until the end of the night to rain. that is the luck of the irish!!