november 29

i am happy to announce that the day has come to announce that i am now offically in my 30's. yes, it's true......i actually have heard from quite a few people that 30 is the new 20, so i'm going to stick with that notion for a while. :) i was completely and totally spoiled by everyone (most of all josh). i had 2 parties, 1 surprise party, a surprise trip to vegas (i adore vegas) and the best gifts i have ever received. (shameless plug for burberry bags and diamond rings goes here) josh really is the best gift giver ever, and now the pressure is on for me to plan something spectacular for his 30th. i guess i should start planning now......all in all, i have had the most amazing 30 years, and i am blessed with my husband, family, frineds, business, and of course the cutest sidekicks i could have ever dreamed of (thanks payton & ryan). here's to the next 30 years, and thanks to my pals who helped me ring it in!!