dana & russell may 2

well, wedding season is officially in high gear! i started out this month with a rare event- a wedding on a wednesday!! (i love anything out of the ordinary!!) dana was such a pleasure to work with- she was open to anything and we had a lot of fun creating unique centerpieces, and a cool vibe for the wedding. adrianne smith was brought on board to see our crazy plans come to life. :) tons of moss covered each table, and large lanterns were placed in the center. small organic details- mushrooms, lichens, etc. were artistically placed around each centerpiece with tons of candlelight. the result was a romantic, natural, and unique feel to the wedding. richard thacker was the photographer, and i think he did a great job capturing dana's & russell's personalities. dana and russell have such a unique style, and it was fun to be a part of the day. my favorite moment was a toast by russell's son to dana- it was so sweet! thanks to everyone for their help-it was a great way to start off the season!!