vegas baby! may 18,19,20

this weekend was a rare occurance- a trip with all my sorority girls alone- no babies, no husband, no laptop.....well, i did bring the laptop, :) but i did limit the work!! we all gathered this weekend for my friend's bachelorette party. she is getting married in june, and what better way to kiss away the single days than to party in vegas? :) it was so much fun getting together with all of the girls, and i am so excited for karla's wedding. we went out to the clubs, stayed at the mandalay bay and hung out at the pool on saturday, and (my favorite part :) ate at bobby flay's restaurant. it is rare that i know the bride this well, or that i am able to go away on the becahelorette party, so i really enjoyed myself. besides that, free wine on the casino floor is hard to beat!! ha ha. check out karla's wedding- june 22!!