an amazing gift

so, anyone who knows me knows that i lived in texas for many years and adore the place! i was born in del rio, and my dad was stationed all around texas for years out of my childhood. although i have lived in san diego for many years, i still consider san antonio my hometown, the place i grew up. with that being said, it is no wonder that for the past 15 years i have wanted a pair of cowboy boots. i love them. i love how they look with a cute skirt, or an awesome pair of jeans. however, i never found the right pair, and my quest has continued.

and, anyone who knows me knows that i believe in the power of belief, and that i believe that i am lucky and blessed. so, fast forward about 15 years. i am sitting with a friend of mine who just lost her mom unexpectedly. my heart breaks for her still. she and her business partner moved all of her mom's belongings across the country and back to san diego. i met up with them for a dinner party when they rolled into town, and they asked me what i was asking for this christmas. i started out with my list~ a bbq, the tiffany bracelet i had been coveting, etc. etc....i ended the sentence with "and a pair of cowboy boots, but i ask for those every year." they looked at each other and asked what size i wore. then they asked what color i wanted. well, to make the story short, my friend told me that she would like to give me her mom's cowboy boots. the perfect pair of cowboy boots. only worn once by her mom, in amazing shape, with dark brown leather and light chocolate piping. of course, i answered "YES!!"

a few days later, i was handed the boots. i tried them on, and they are perfect. they are magical. i swore to my friend that i would wear them and always think of her mom, i would take them to places near and far. i would party in them, i would wear them with my kids. i will wear them to texas, i will wear them to the grocery store. i will give them a life outside of the box the came in, and i will be proud and honored each time i do. i will think of her mom, and i will think of my friend. it will be like the sisterhood of the traveling pants, but just with me and the boots! :) i wore them on new years, and we rocked. i will always rock in my cowboy boots, and i thank you Bek for sharing a piece of your mom and you with me. i will never forget it, and i will do you proud. :) without further ado, here they are in all of their glory :)