cyra & israel july 7

well, the day was finally here. i had july 7th booked for 2 years, so when the day finally got here, it was crazy to see how far we had come! it is hard to believe how many things can change and happen in 2 years!! cyra and israel were so great to work with. they chose the prado, and their ceremony was at st. mary magdalene. i was so excited about this wedding (for 2 years :) because of the coolest dress cyra was wearing (thanks, michelle from m bride for the inez de santo beauty!!) cyra chose lavonne from adorations to bring the dream to life :) we started off with cyra's favorite color of emerald green, and parlayed that into a "theme" of peacock colored hues and textures. the linens were awesome, the music rocked, and the decor was stunning. all in all, it was the best possible way for mint weddings to celebrate the busiest wedding day ever! (7/7/07) plus, it was fun to spend another saturday night with my hubby, josh. :) thanks for the pictures!