lisa & adam july 21

planning with lisa and adam was so fun. the group all traveled to san diego from around the country, so we wanted to create a true san diego vibe for the guests. the events took place at the catamaran, and it was fun working in a new location. lavonne (once again :) did an awesome job creating a tropical lush feel. red was the color that we used to "punch" things up a bit, and vivid greens, oranges and picks added to the scheme. luna was there to document the day, and i am not kidding you when i tell you that the band seriously rocked all night long. i like music the same as anyone else i think, and i definitely see my fair share of bands :) i have to tell you that the tijuana dogs were the most entertaining band i have ever seen in my life. thanks to everyone, and i personally loved when we brought in the popsicles late night to cool everyone off!! it's all about the details! :)