michele & tony september 1

it was really hard to believe that i was already into september, but here i was anyway :) the summer flew by with so many fun and crazy events, and now it was time for michele's. michele and her mom are the sweetest people, and michele hired me to take any pressure off of her mom. i thought that spoke volumes about their loving relationship and how kind and thoughtful michele is. i was lucky enough to be at the del for the second weekend in a row, and in the ballroom, no less :) the ceremony took place at st. brigid's, and then we all made our way to coronado for cocktails and the rception. kathy wright once again brought it home with a nod to the del's historical romance. gatsby style lamps and tall centerpieces were just beautiful, and the rose petals and candles finished the look. i think michele also wins the "coolest bouquet ever" award (if there is such a thing :) her and kathy decided to further enhance the old style of the del, and kathy did a fan decked out with gardenias, white ostrich feathers and crystals. it was so cool and unique, and michele rocked it!! the cake was also decked out and added to the look. we had bagpipers, bands, dj's , organists, and a ton of other music playing throughout the night. i think the show stealer was the cigar bar, and everyone loved the lounge, too. it was a great night, and i discovered something else really cool- a key lime pie martini from the martini luge. i never drink at weddings, but i was forced by the bride to sample a sip, and i'm glad i did!! i'm normally not a martini fan, but anyone looking for a twist on the traditional should consider this one!! thanks to tony, michele, and your great families for including me on the day. what a treat it was!