ooops (part 2)

so, if you can tell how busy a girl is based upon her blog, then i hope that you all can see that mint weddings had a very successful year :) yes, it's true- it has been over a year since my last blog entry- but i have been up to a lot!! here is a run down:

1. bought a brand new house and have been decorating, landscaping, furnishing and relandscaping after i neglected the plants the first time around.
2. sent both of the kids off to pre-school. for payton, it was great- she loved every minute (after the adjustment). i felt bad about ryan (since he is only two). however, i got over that REAL quick when i actually had a few hours of silence. :) he now loves it, and has a crush on his teacher......
3. went on a few vacations to san francisco, rhode island, vegas, a ranch, to name a few....decided that i could go on a permanent vacation. (sort of.) i think i may lose it after a bit- i like to be busy :)
4. i did a ton of amazing weddings that literally redefined my company and my views on weddings. things are good at mint weddings!