trina & franky

trina & franky were such a cool couple, and they had tons of style. trina approached us to do her wedding, and had so many fun ideas and creative twists, we just had to do it!! since they were going to be at the photographic museum of arts, they wanted to do a retro vibed wedding, with bright colors. also inspired by the vintage crazy, trina wanted to complete many of the projects on their own. so, i sent them to do some serious homework! they began shopping at all of the flea markets and swap markets in town to find really cool vintage pieces that would add to the look. after moths of scouring the markets, they had a sizeable collection of glasses, old bottles, vintage signs & cameras, and many other details. i will let the pictures tell the story, as they are beautiful! thank you to studio castillero for your beautiful work. joseph comstock dj'd the event and spun the music from vinyl records, a special request from trina and franky. the day was just beautiful, and with these amazing details, how could you go wrong?? :) [gallery link="file"]