professor aull

yes, that's right. :) sort of....i was asked by a friend of mine to come and guest speak at a class that she teaches at sdsu. rachel peniche runs a thriving business as a wedding coordinator, gala fundraiser extraordinaire and the list goes on and on. she is one busy lady and does an awesome job with her many events around san diego and beyond. when she called to see if i would come and guest speak at her class on event planning, i leapt at the chance. after all, this was a goal that i had set many years ago for myself. (for those of you who don't know  me, i am a huge advocate for setting goals.) while i was still in college (many years go :) i made a goal of one day teaching a class- somewhere- about something- sometime. well, mission accomplished. it was fun (for me at least :) thanks rachel- my 1 day faculty parking pass is hanging on the board in my studio :)