ah yes. halloween. i love any holiday with the kids- they are so funny, and what could be better than making your kids get chocolate for you ?? :) this year, payton thought that she would shake it up a bit. for the last two years, she has been a care bear. (cheer bear to be exact). so this year, she wanted to be a care bear, but she wanted to be "cheer bear dressed up like love-a-lot bear.) out came the old costume, and i busted out some 8th grade sewing skills. 20 minutes later, we had a new "belly badge" and a care bear for the 3rd year in a row. ( i swear that offer to buy her/make her a new costume every year, but she is loyal!! ryan on the other hand was open to being anything, and he finally settled on "mater" from the cars movie. add in some friends, lots of other kids, wine and some soup, and the night was great!!