stephanie & matt

stephanie and matt were a great couple. stephanie was so much fun to work with- she was easygoing and had a great sense of style :) we had a great cast of vendors to help us out along the way as well :) we started the festivities off at the diamond view tower for the rehearsal dinner, and moved onto the hotel del the next day for the wedding. lavonne from adorations provided all of the decor- she even custom created a screen to make the windsor lawn feel a bit more private. the color scheme was ambers and blues, and it was reflected in the great linens at the cocktail hour, as well as through the linens in the ballroom. paul barnett was the photographer for the day, and he captured some really great moments and photographs. the tijuana dogs were there to entertain, and they did an awesome job keeping everyone dancing. they are the best!! russ from bon vivant captured the wedding on video, and did a great job as usual. all in all, it was a perfect day, and was so much fun!